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lana del rey (or elizabeth grant) has been one of my favorite arists for... a long time. too long. a friend really got me into her a few years back. she has shaped me thru my stupid teenage years and i really just admire her.

an album ranking

1. ultraviolence

my fave album 4ever. will always be in love with it.
good nd bad memories.

best songs; sad girl, florida kilos, money power glory

2. lust for life

i kno everyone hates this album but. ive honestly always
loved it, just can't admit it LOL. it just makes me happy.
to be honest, i'm torn between this and honeymoon.

best songs; heroin, beatiful people, god bless america

3. honeymoon

no, because this DESERVES better. i ignored honeymoon 4ever
nd' then i heard terrence loves u and became obessed w it.

best songs; swan song, terrence loves you, 24

4. born to die

idc what anyone says, i will never not love btd. i'm sick
of people hating on it just cus its popular. im gonna be
listening to it till the day i DIE.

best songs; off to the races, radio, this is what makes us girls

5. blue banisters

this shouldn't be this low cus i listen to it all the time,
but this list is in order of what i used to listen to all the
time. she out-did herself with this one.

best songs; nectar of the gods, cherry blossom, living legend

6. chemtrails

♫ washing my hair, doing the laundry ♫ this album is cozy.
thats it.

best songs; dark but just a game, tulsa jesus freak, dance till we die

7. nfr

i know ppl think this is her peak writing and stuff but
honestly i don't find myself going back to it as much.
maybe for a couple songs, yeah, but im not crazy about it.

best songs; venice bitch, the greatest, california

fav unreleased

bbm baby
your band is all the rage
caught you boy
go go dancer


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