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who is ethel cain?

ethel cain (or hayden) is my favorite artist!! i started listening to her probably around the time 'inbred' came out. the title song, inbred, was my most played song for months.

but, i had heard bruises on youtube about a year before that (come back to spotify D:). and then i totally obsessed over the carpet bed EP, dog days being my favorite track!! even though its misuse oh now.

albums (click for my fav song)

preachers daughter is finally out!

the night i listened to preachers daughter, i was super down thinking about death. im literally being serious. may was the worst month for me ever, but it made me forget for a little bit just over the excitment.

i had listened to every single before it came out (american teenager was my favorite), so when it did release i was just like...ahhhh. omg. the songs i liked the most first listen were:

hard times



i still love those ones a lot, but sun bleached flies is my current favorite. i'm so happy for hayden and how far she is coming. i hope good things keep coming her way, becuz i am so fucking proud of her!!