Bobblehead Bunny

my name is bunnie!!! this is probably like, my 10th site, not going to lie.
but its the one i'm most proud of. i started making webpages in 2020, maybe
sometime in june? i always wanted to, but could never find a place to.

not much is to know about me. below are some of my general interests
and more about me:

(also, here's a survey!!)


games: fnaf, deltarune, undertale, postal, doom 64,
crush crush, portal, the night shift, doki doki

music: ethel cain, lana, nicole dollanganger, the doors,
toby fox, elita, chromatics, deftones, rammstein, nin,
kmfdm, marilyn manson, the smashing pumkins, HIM,
lindermann, emigrate, david bowie, hole, wumpscut

movies: gummo, swallow, mustang, natural born killers,
welcome to the dollhouse, jackass, charlie says